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Organization Workbook and Worksheets

The 52 Weeks to an Organized Home and Life Workbook

A Self-Paced Interactive E-Workbook That Will Keep You Focused and Motivated As You Organize Your Home and Life

Overwhelmed by clutter and you don't know where to start? Do you start organizing only to give it up when it becomes too much?

  • This hands-on workbook eliminates the pressure and overwhelm that comes with organizing your home and life.
  • It starts with creating a plan that works for you and your time so that you can stay focused.
  • It tracks your progress so you stay motivated throughout the process.
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Hi! My name is Dionne and I am the organizer behind the blog, Home Made Our Way. I am a mom to twin teenage boys and wife to a sailor.


I created this workbook to help overwhelmed women achieve the home and life they've always wanted. That is, a clean and tidy home with time to spare for the family and for themselves.

Through the years, I've assisted women:

  • who didn't know how or where to start organizing
  • who would lose focus and motivation very quickly and in the middle of a decluttering session
  • who resisted inviting people to their homes because they were ashamed of their clutter
  • whose depression was manifesting itself as clutter
  • who were finding it difficult to let go of things due to the loss of a loved one
  • who didn't want outside help and just wanted to learn how to do it themselves

If you find yourself in at least one of the above situation, I'm here to tell you that you are not alone. In fact, I found myself in a couple of those situations above. And I know what it's like when you can't see the end of the rainbow or when you just don't have the motivation to keep going.

So how can I help you get the home and life you deserve? By giving you the same tools that I have used (and some I still use) to organize my own home and life. And they are all in this workbook!

I believe in this workbook so much that if you do not see any improvement within six weeks, I'll give you a complete refund. In six weeks, you should see part of your home looking tidier and you will have saved enough money to pay for this book. Seriously! That's my money-back guarantee!

Now, let's go over what you can find in this e-workbook and how it can help you.

Features & Benefits

  • This 289-page e-workbook includes 6 different planners to help you manage your goals, your family, your time, and your finances.
  • It provides a framework for you to follow especially when you don't know where to start.
  • It contains 19 sections covering 52 different organization tasks that you can do throughout the year.
  • You will find money-saving, money-tracking, and money-earning opportunities that will more than cover the cost of this book.
  • It eliminates the need to rush by providing weekly projects you can finish at your own pace.
  • The worksheets will make organizing fun keeping you engaged and motivated.
  • Inventory sheets will keep you from buying additional and often unnecessary items so that you don't add clutter to your home.
  • Included are worksheets to help you organize and design your spaces and rooms for better flow.
  • Various checklists will help you maintain your organization, keep you on task, remind you when you need to stock up, and when you need to throw items away.
  • With each challenge you complete, your home will become tidier and your life more manageable.
  • The holiday planners will ease the overwhelm that comes with planning dinner parties and buying gifts.
  • The goal-setting and goal-keeping section will give you the foundation you need to start organizing and keep organizing.
  • When used within a binder, this workbook will record your progress and successes and encourage you stay motivated.

So, go from a hectic home and life running you to the ground to becoming the CEO of a well-oiled and efficient household.

All this is normally $20 but you can have it today for 50% off.

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Corny, I know but I've always wanted to say that!

As a special bonus, if you order within the next 30 minutes, you will also receive for free the 52 Weeks to an Organized Home and Life Guide. This 111-page e-book contains all the weekly email challenges as well as a checklist for each one to keep you on task. And like the email challenges, it has tips and interactive links to support your tasks.

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Organization Guide Book


Find the answers below


Does the workbook come in a hard copy?

Unfortunately, not at this time. This is a downloadable PDF.

When can I expect to receive it?

You should receive it automatically within a minute in your email. If you haven't received, check your spam folder.

Do you really have a money-back guarantee?

Yes, but I do ask that you give the workbook a chance first. You should start to see a difference after six weeks and I assure you that the money you save will more than cover the cost of the book. However, if after six weeks you are dissatisfied, contact me through the website and let me know what didn't work for you (<--you don't have to give me an explanation, but my goal is to provide the best product for my readers. And if I can make any improvements, I could use your feedback.)

I've downloaded the book but can't seem to open it. How do I open my file?

The books come in zipped files. With most computers you simply click on the zippered icon of the file and it will open up into files that you can access. If this doesn't work, right-click the icon and choose 'extract' from the menu to open it.

Can I take this to a printer and have them make me a bindered copy?

Absolutely, this book is for your personal use and you have my permission to have it copied. However, go through the e-book first to see if you actually need every single page. There may be areas that are irrelevant to your current situation. You can also save money by printing it in black/white and with back to back pages.

What if I have questions regarding the organization of a particular area?

Please feel free to contact me anytime at I have also provided a private Facebook group for only those who have purchased this book where you can also post a question.

Do I have to pay to get into this Facebook group?

No. It's free. When you join, you will be prompted for the email address you used when you purchased the book.

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Organization Workbook, Worksheets, and Guide Bundle