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After I am Gone Planner in Lilac PDF
After I am Gone Planner in Black and White

Get the complete personal affairs planner! Designed to help your family cope with your passing and carry out your final wishes.

ONLY $7!

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New! This pdf is now interactive. You can now fill in your information and save it to your device!

Don't Want a Printable Planner?

Not a problem. The After I Am Gone Planner is now available as a hard copy for just $12.


Your family wants to focus on your memory, not finding your paperwork

You don't want to leave your family struggling to figure out where important paperwork is kept, what your bank account numbers are, who should be notified and all the other questions that arise when a loved one passes.

This planner will give you a place to note all the needed information so that you can ease your family's burden.

Once filled out, this planner will:

  • tell them account and contact numbers for your insurance, bank and utilities so they can easily update or cancel accounts.
  • help your grieving family know exactly what your wishes are for organ donation, funeral arrangements and headstone.
  • address questions your family may have after your death about who needs to be notified, what your obituary should say, where your car title is kept and so much more.

Here is What Others Have to Say


"I'm an organizer and I believe people should have their affairs in order no matter how old they are. Our lives can be taken without notice and it's better to plan your affairs for the loved ones that are alive, so they won't have to search high and low for things during a terrible time in their lives. 

I filled mine and my husband's out and I quiz him every now and again to go over what is written in this planner. I have it in an easy place to find.

So far, I haven't had to refer to it unless something changes. If any new develops has occurred, I'd make changes in the planner. I have mine in a binder.

This is the best-organized information I found and I thank you for creating it. I can't think of anything else to add. I feel you covered just about everything. "


"I lost my cousin and realized I needed to have my affairs in order so my family wouldn’t go through what my cousin's family went through losing her.   I also have been meaning to get my parent's affairs in order as they both have the beginning stages of dementia. 

I found the papers to be very helpful. Although I didn’t use all the papers,  the ones that I did use I feel will be instrumental in helping my son deal with my passing if/when that time comes. And I was relieved to have the information about my parent's wishes while there was still time to get it. 

The planner helped me to think of things to ask that I would not have thought to ask and information to gather that although was time-consuming was much easier to gather now rather than later.  

Thank you for your planner and your help."


"I think the "After I Am Gone Planner" is fantastic!  I was just filling it out in the last couple of days by hand and then received your digital fillable one.  Both are great ideas. 

The version I used in which I filled in with pencil is fine because I can always make changes by hand without printing it out again, and can do so in pencil because it's not a legal document. 

I will look at your other forms as well when I have time. 

You are wonderful for creating all of these! 

Thank you so much!"

After I Am Gone Tablet Mockup

The planner includes:

  • A place to write down personal wishes on your service, your headstone, even the clothing you wish to be laid out in.
  • Interval checklists to help your family members get through those first hours, days, and weeks after your death without forgetting important tasks.
  • Assorted forms for filling in with essential details and vital information your family will need to deal with your assets.
  • Prompts throughout to help guide you through filling it out so you don't miss a single step.
  • Plus, a blank table of contents page (pdf only) so you can arrange the planner pages as you wish.
  • AND so much more!

I just wanted to say thanks for producing the "After I'm Gone". It's proven to be very helpful. 

It's a great idea to have quick access to everything my family will need and other family members.

— Jenny

Thank you, Dionne!! Got it! I fully recommend your planner! It gave me a boost to start planning the stuff that needs to be done after I am gone. I’ve long wanted to do this but I was at a loss on where to start. I’m glad I was able to find your planner. So worth it!  Thanks again! 

— PJ

This planner is for you AND your family if:

  • you are the person who handles everything from household finances to home management.
  • you are aware that there may be disagreements among family members.
  • you have unusual arrangements that may go against family traditions.
  • you just want to relieve the worry that comes with not being prepared.
  • your family has no experience with handling wake/funeral arrangements.
  • your family is not privy to your wishes.
  • your family is totally dependent on you.

Have complete peace of mind for only $7!



Does the planner come in a hard copy?

Yes, hard copies are now available. The only differences are that it is printed in black and white, the table of contents is pre-filled, and you won't have access to updates unless you purchase the pdf format as well.

When can I expect to receive the pdf?

You should receive it automatically within a minute after your purchase. You will receive an email with a link to "view your product." If you haven't received it after five minutes, please check your spam/junk folder. If you still haven't received it, please contact me at dionnem@homemadeourway. com and I will resend the link.

When can I expect to receive the physical planner?

This depends on where you live and which postal service you prefer. You can view the different options at checkout.

What is your return policy?

Because the pdf version is a digital product, refunds will not be issued if you have downloaded the product. If our product server shows that you have not downloaded the product, a refund will be issued immediately upon request.

For the physical binder, refunds will be issued upon return of the product. The product must be in the same condition as when first shipped.

I've downloaded the pdf planner but can't seem to open it. How do I open my file?

The planner comes in a zipped file. With most computers, you simply click on the zippered icon of the file and it will open up into files that you can access. If this doesn't work, right-click the icon and choose 'extract' from the menu to open it.

Can I take this pdf to a printer and have them make me a bound copy?

Absolutely, this book is for your personal use and you have my permission to have it copied. However, go through the planner first to see if you actually need every single page. There may be areas that are irrelevant to your situation. You may also want to make extra copies of certain pages. You can also save money by printing it in black/white and with back-to-back pages.

This pdf planner is very feminine, do you have something for men?

Yes, you get a version with a plain gray design as well as the lilac design pictures on this page.

Does the physical binder come in colors?

Not at this time. To help keep costs down, the planner only comes in black and white.

What if I have other questions regarding this planer?

Please feel free to contact me anytime at I will get back to you as soon as possible.